Who I Really Am

The name Andie Campbell is an alias I chose for myself in regards to my writing, because the field I wanted anonymity within the field I worked for my day job, however, I quit my job a few weeks ago. I had intended for this post to go out on November 21st, my 39th birthday. But, for the first time in my life, I was so involved in what was happening in the real world that I didn’t have the time or energy to be online. I was in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios celebrating my birthday with a friend. I will write more about the week I spent there on my travel blog, but for now, it’s about who I really am.

My real name is April Cox, and up until a couple of weeks ago, I was a behavioral therapist. Unfortunately, as a result of that position, I was having panic attacks on a regular basis. As I had come into some money not long before that, I decided to leave my job to try to take my writing, as well as a side gig as a travel agent more seriously. Over the coming days and weeks, I plan to connect the two sides of me–the creative and the more business side by adding my travel business to my blog and giving my readers the opportunity to book travel through here.

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What to Expect

There will be a total of three blogs on this site, most of which will have new content on a weekly basis (although not the same day each week–the travel blog will depend on trips I take): my feminist blog that I have been working on, this Goddess blog, which will ultimately be premium content after this post, because the writing will be more personal in nature, and my travel blog which will recount my own travels.

I am really excited about this new phase to my life and to my blog, and I invite you to join me on this journey. Until then, this is April out.

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