The Murder of Bianca Macy-2-1

Kelsey: Hi, Owen, I appreciate you speaking with us again.

Owen: Of course, anything to help you find Bianca’s killer.

Kelsey: I just want to touch base about one thing. You were engaged Bianca, correct? You loved each other, had not major problems…

Owen: That’s right.

Kelsey: Then can you explain to me why Marcy Anderson seems to think you’re having an affair with Anita Bennett?

Owen: We weren’t having an affair.

Kelsey: She seemed pretty convinced.

Owen: Anita was harassing me at work. You can even ask my HR rep. I filed a complaint. Here. Emails between her and I. There was no affair–she’s a crazy stalker.

Talk to Anita Bennett.

Talk to Owen’s HR rep.

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