The Murder of Bianca Macy 4-10

Kelsey: I’m sorry to bother you, Ms…

Mrs. Dubioski: Mrs. actually–for 55 years. Mrs. Dubioski.

Kelsey: Mrs. Dubioski. My information tells me that you made the 911 call regarding the murder that happened next door.

Mrs. Dubioski: Yes, terrible thing.

Kelsey: Can you just run through the events of last evening for the record?

Mrs. Dubioski: Yes, of course. I was just getting ready for bed. My husband is out of town on business, so I decided to turn in early. I was finishing up the dishes from my dinner when I saw the woman…

Kelsey: Anita Bennett?

Mrs. Dubioski: Yes. She was just arriving home.

Kelsey: What happened next?

Mrs. Dubioski: I finished up the dishes and was just changing into my night gown when I heard the shot. I ran to the window. Probably stupid, I know, but I saw the little girl–well, she’s not a little girl anymore…

Kelsey: Chelsea? What was she doing?

Mrs. Dubioski: She ran into the house.

Kelsey: She ran into the house? She wasn’t running out of the house?

Mrs. Dubioski: Yes.

Kelsey: And she ran in after the gunshot?

Mrs. Dubioski: Yes.

Kelsey: Thank you, Mrs. Dubioski. I’m going to contact the local police and have someone watch your house just in case. I don’t think Anita is going to do anything, but I just want to make sure.

Mrs. Dubioski: Oh, my heavens! Maybe I should go stay with my sister while my husband is out of town.

Kelsey: That’s up to you. Just make sure we have a way to contact you. Your testimony not only helps lock up the real killer, but it saves an innocent girl from facing a jail sentence she doesn’t deserve.

Mrs. Dubioski: Let me get my sister’s address for you then.

Talk to Chelsea.

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