Universal Studios Hollywood Ride Rankings-based on 1/12/22 Trip

A couple of things before I get into the rankings…

  1. First, these are based on my day at Universal Studios Hollywood on 1/12/22, and so, they were influenced by things that happened that particular day (like me feeling sick, which almost never happens. I go to amusement parks multiple times a year, and I’ve been sick all of 3 times in my life–and by sick, it’s either feeling dizzy or nauseous, not full fledged motion sickness, and it nearly always has to do with the temperature outside).
  2. This is my opinion, and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me.
  3. I did not include shows, The Mummy’s Revenge (it was closed), or Kung Fu Panda (I didn’t ride it).

#9 Pets Off the Leash

Now, Pets Off the Leash doesn’t usually rate super high for me to begin with. It’s a cute ride, but generally speaking, I prefer the thrill rides. That said…it was really hot when we went to the park, and I did the Simpson’s Ride, which starting making me feel queasy, then Forbidden Journey twice before I headed over to the pets ride. I had hoped that it, along with Silly Swirly Fun ride would help me to feel a little better. Unfortunately, there was no air conditioning on Pets Off the Leash, and then the ride broke down in the middle. Just an all around bad experience, which puts it in dead last on my list.

#8 Simpson’s Ride

AprilCoxTravel standing between Bart & Homer Simpson

Unlike Pets Off the Leash, The Simpson’s Ride, although not making the top spots on my list normally, it would normally fall somewhere in the middle. Today, however, as stated above, I started feeling sick on this ride, so it’s rated much lower.

#7 Flight of the Hippogriff

Flight of the Hippogriff falls towards the end of my list for this day and any day simply because it’s so short. It’s not really worth waiting to ride, and there is nearly always a line. I usually ride this once per trip and that’s it.

#6 Super Silly Swirly Ride

I know. Seems silly for this to be this high on the list, but it’s here for a couple of reasons. First, it was the first time I had ridden this ride, so there was still a sort of novel factor. And second, it went just fast enough that there was a nice breeze, which did wonders for helping me to feel better. Now, if only the pets ride had been air conditioned.

#5 Jurassic World

A lot of you probably would rate Jurassic World much higher, but dinosaurs–or rather predator dinosaurs lunging for me–terrify me. I spent the last part of this right with my head down and my eyes closed.

#4 Minion Mayhem

The minion ride is always fun. It’s not my favorite ride, but I usually make sure to ride it on every trip.

#3 Studio Tour

Video trailer part I of my Universal VIP Tour on 1/12/22. Focuses primarily on the Studio Tour.

The studio tour is next for a few reasons. First, there was so much more in here than any of the other rides. This is an hour long for the general public, and we got to walk around at a few of the sets.

My favorite was the Psycho set and Psycho house. It was so funny. (You can even hear me laughing on the video).

#2. Transformers Ride

Transformers will always rank high on my lists as it’s one of my favorite rides. Universal Studios in Hollywood needs more rides like this one in my opinion.

#1 Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey

Is there any surprise that a Harry Potter fan like myself would rate this one at the top of their list? Now, normally, The Mummy’s Revenge would beat this one out, but as it was closed…

Just some things I love about Forbidden Journey:

  1. It’s Harry Potter
  2. The Single rider line & no wait!

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