Feminism is Mainstream…in Canada

woman in black shirt holding red lipstick
woman in black shirt holding red lipstick
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Feminism is mainstream, and there are numbers to prove it

For those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile, I’ve been rather enamored with the country of Canada for some time–I am even considering moving there at some point. This article is case in point for why I like Canada so much. I honestly don’t think I could explain it better than Dasko does: Feminism is mainstream in Canada.

When I first started reading the article, I didn’t realize that she was referring to Canadian society. At first, I got excited to see that maybe people were coming around in the backwards US of A. Nope. But the article itself does have merit, and it does make me happy to see that at least somewhere there is equality. Somewhere it is mainstream. Feminism is mainstream in Canada.

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4 thoughts on “Feminism is Mainstream…in Canada

  1. Okay, where in Canada? British Columbia or Canadian? Or in entirety. And lets break this down a little more, how do the indigenous people feel? There has been many an article about the tribes not wanting white women to speak for them, for example. And unless you are speaking about Toronto or Vancouver, Canada is basically all white people. These factors skew that all is well in Canuckville, eh? Also, one way to be a feminist would be not moving when it gets tough for you in the USA but rather standing up for girls and women and equality and equity at home. HERE. Canadians don’t want everyone moving there.

    Thanks for allowing my comments and for the stimulating post.

    1. The article didn’t say specifically where it is. First, yes, there is less diversity in Canada. While this is something to think on, that was not the point of the post. To your second point, I do stand up for equality here in the US and will continue doing so no matter where I live. But–at a certain point I have to acknowledge that the US is so far behind that they will likely never catch up in my lifetime. At that point, I have to decide if it’s worth staying and fighting a fight that I do not believe I will win or moving to a place where I feel I have a shot to be happy. We have a lot of ultra conservative people in the US who have no interest in equality anywhere, and this is really disheartening for someone who has believed for years that things are not right. It’s very isolating, and my point to moving to Canada would be to reduce that isolation even just a little. Now, have I moved to Canada? No. Do I have definite plans to move to Canada? That answer is a bit murkier, but I also have to say no because I don’t know what the future holds. I will say that I’ve taken steps that might allow me to move to Canada in the future. I will also leave you with few other pieces of information. Ever year or so a ranking comes out regarding best and worst countries for women’s rights: Canada is currently number 4; the US is 51.

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