Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-6

Kelsey: *Pulls a shoe out of her bag.

Chelsea’s. It’s a good thing that the scene hasn’t been cleaned up yet. Let’s see if it matches the footprint left.

You: You wanted to come back here to see if the shoe matched the print? I thought we already knew that Chelsea was the witness?

Kelsey: We theorized that it was her. The shoe’s a match, so that supports the theory. *She returns the shoe to her bag.

Now, if it was her, she’ll have likely left us a message. *She goes over to the teacher’s desk and feels underneath. A few seconds later, she pulls out a note.

Reading: “Agent Reed, if you’re reading this message, then it seems that my plan has worked, and Marquita or I have contacted you. At the time of writing this, the virus is safe. Marquita and her boyfriend Braden are taking it out of the county and have been given instructions to contact you once it’s safe. I’ve stayed behind in Santa Barbara County as a decoy. The vial I am carrying is a fake one, and I am going to draw Ciarra, her brother, and the twins away from Marquita and Braden. I will try to leave clues for you to find me, but I am not hopeful. I will probably be spending most of that time just trying to stay alive. For now, I will be heading north. ~Chelsea

P.S. I saw the CTU lady talking with the Suravindas before they killed Dr. Weiss, so I wouldn’t trust her.

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