David McGee and the Birthday Surprise

David McGee book cover

My children’s book, David McGee and the Birthday Surprise, came out this past weekend under my pen name of Andie Campbell.

About David McGee and the Birthday Surprise

It was an ordinary day for Mr. McGee–that is, until he went to his mailbox. Inside was a clue, the first clue on a scavenger hunt. Though not happy about it, he follows the clues to find a wonderful surprise at the end.

Where You Can Find It

It is available to order online as print on demand from Amazon and my publisher’s site, Xlibris. Although not available there yet, it will be available in my store within the next few weeks.

What’s Next After David McGee?

Also, watch out for my second children’s book to be coming out in the next couple of months about Nutmeg, the first flying squirrel, a lesson in believing in yourself, despite what everyone around you is saying.

Other Available Books I’ve Written

How to Write a Novel: The Basics written as Mabel Armstrong

Lead Me Home written as April Cox–a poetry/autobiography book

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