Donald Trump is a Feminist Issue

NOTE: After writing this article, I discovered that Letitia James, Attorney General of NY, is preparing a civil case against Donald Trump. There is a criminal investigation also going on in NY as well.

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I think that only die-hard Trump supporters would argue that he is not an issue for feminists. He has been accused of multiple rapes, and his ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ comment should be enough to show his lack of respect for women. But, we already know all of this. So, why am I bringing it up again? Because, I think we are finally going to get justice for all the crimes he has committed.

There’s a lot of discussion these days surrounding Donald Trump’s legal issues. There is a lot of speculation around whether or not he is going to be arrested. And, the DOJ and other individuals with the power to put him behind bars seem almost afraid to do so.

While I do agree that the investigation is excruciatingly slow, I equate it much to the investigation of a mob boss. It takes many years to bring down the boss, even for one that is as much a buffoon as this one. When the arrest happens, and I believe it will happen, they will have him dead to rights. There will be no chance of him slithering out of it. And, he will go away for the rest of his life.

A Matter of Faith

I am not someone who typically has faith in this country to do the right thing. In fact, I think the United States is the most backward conservative nation in the free world. And, I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. But, I digress.

The fact is that I have faith that Donald J. Trump will be arrested. And, I believe he’ll be arrested before the end of the year. What saddens me about this though is that I do not believe it will be for the insurrection–it will be for fraud. I mean, don’t get me wrong–I’ll take what I can get, because I believe the fraud charge will first of all, put him behind bars for a long time. But, I also believe it will merely be the opening salvo for many, many more charges to come.

The DOJ is moving very, very slowly. While I believe that they will eventually bring charges, they seem less confident in their approach than the New York Attorney General Letitia James. To put it quite simply, she gets shit done.

New York Attorney General

Her office brought Trump to justice once before regarding his Trump University scheme, and I believe she can and will do so again. As I said above that I believe Trump will be arrested by the end of the year, but if I am being on honest, that is a very, very conservative estimate. I think the arrest is coming much sooner than that. And, I would not be surprised if he is arrested before the end of the summer, perhaps even sooner than that.

A judge has ruled that Trump must testify in New York. And, as soon as he does, I think that is going to be the beginning of the end. His lawyers will advise him to plead the fifth. His children will plead the fifth, and they will plead with him to do the same. But, Trump doesn’t believe the laws apply to him. He doesn’t believe he will actually be arrested. I don’t think he will be able to resist bragging on the stand, as well as justifying his actions, which have no justification. And, I think that we can expect his arrest to be imminent after he testifies. I’m talking weeks, not months after.

My Authority

What authority do I have to make these predictions? I am not a lawyer. And, I have almost no training in the law. I do, however, hold two degrees in psychology, and I am capable of looking at the facts.

Fact #1

Letitia James and the state of New York have brought Trump to justice before, so we know that she is not afraid of him.

Fact #2

Trump and two of his adult children have been subpoenaed to testify in New York, and a judge has ruled that they are obligated to do so.

Fact #3

All of Trumps underlings seem to be cooperating now. Guiliani is even reported to be expected to cooperate (although I believe that is in regards to January 6, and not the fraud charges).

The fact is that I am just seeing a lot of hopeful signs. Do I think that people are afraid to prosecute a former president? Quite simply yes. I think that’s part of why it’s taking so long. But, I do not believe that New York is afraid, and I think that makes all the difference.

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