Tips & Tricks to Protect Against COVID while Traveling

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#1 Travel by your own car whenever possible

While airplane travel, public transportation, and ride share are reasonably safe, driving your own car is going to be the safest. This is because it limits exposure, which is the greatest protection against COVID available.

#2 Avoid crowded indoor activities where possible; wear a mask where it is not possible

In California, masks are required indoors. So, for most of the travel I do, this is not an issue whatsoever. However, even if you wear a mask, this does not guarantee other people will do so, at least not the entire time. If food and/or drinks are allowed, people will need to remove their masks in order to consume them.

#3 Make sure you are fully vaccinated and boosted according to CDC Recommendations & that of your doctor

While it is safe for most adults and children 12 years or older (I believe it’s been opened up to 5 years old and older as well), it is not safe for everyone to get vaccinated. The only legitimate reason for not getting vaccinated is if you have a legitimate risk factor for the vaccine, and you have discussed it with your doctor and decided together it is best for you not to be vaccinated. If you choose not to get vaccinated, for legitimate or illegitimate reasons, you will be at a higher risk of contracting COVID, being hospitalized for it, and dying as a result. If you are unable to be vaccinated, consider delaying your travel or adhering to these guidelines in the strictest sense.

#4 Choose places that are less crowded or go on days where they are less crowded

Parks, hiking trails, and many outdoor activities in nature are generally considered safe from COVID. However, you can reduce your risk at amusement parks and more crowded sites by checking sites such as Whenever I go to Universal Studios, I always check that site. And, I try to go on days where it is a ghost town.

#5 Wear a Mask if you cannot socially distance, even if you are outdoors

It may be tempting to remove your mask, but that is how I got sick. It’s not confirmed as being COVID, but the symptoms match up.

Secondly, while masks do primarily protect other people by keeping droplets inside your mask when you cough or sneeze or yell or sing, masks do serve as some protection for you. The main thing it does is keep you from touching your face, so it limits spread in that way. N95 masks will protect you though.

#6 Finally, Wash your hands frequently to protect against COVID

If you cannot wash your hands, then be sure to sanitize.

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