Warner Brothers Studio Tour Review

Warner Bros Studio Tour, Sept 10, 2021

I went on the Warner Bros Studio Tour in September of last year. It costs $57 if you are a SoCal resident (you need to provide proof) and $69 if you are not a resident. I also purchased the photo bundle for an extra $39, which gives you one photo and one video at the final section of the tour. This was my favorite part, because it was the Harry Potter section. The photo above was of Privet Drive when all of the letters blew around Harry and the Dursleys. Although the letters are not actually moving at the studio, the photo gives the illusion that they are–and at the time, it was the closest thing I could get to being in the actual scene.

The Cupboard Under the Stairs

The Cupboard Under the Stairs, Warner Bros Studio Burbank, CA, Sept 10, 2021

There was also the cupboard under the stairs. I wish I could remember if I was able to go inside or not–wasn’t able to get my picture taken inside (it was too difficult to see me in a photo taken from the outside).

Dobby was there.

Dobby the House elf, Warner Bros Studio in Burbank, CA, Sept 10, 2021

And, the Marauder’s Map.

The Marauders Map, Warner Bros Studio, Burbank, CA, Sept 10, 2021.

There were mandrakes.

Mandrakes, Warner Bros Studio, Burbank, CA, Sept 10, 2021

To be honest, I don’t remember much else beyond the Harry Potter part of the tour, which wasn’t really even a tour. So, I’m going to finish this post off with the video of my broom flight.

Warner Bros Studio Broom Flight, Sept 10, 2021

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