Book Reviews: Edition 2

Welcome to Book Reviews: Edition 2. This week, I will be reviewing the following books: E is for Elephant, Alphabet Wildlife A to Z, and Living Green and the Lake.

E is for Elephant

E is for Elephant is a cute alphabet book written by Kjersten Faseler, edited by Michelle Drost, and the illustrations are by Nifty Illustration. The premise of the book is simple. Each page focuses on a letter. And, as an example of an animal that begins with that letter, and their name also begins with that letter. For instance, A is for Allie the Alligator, and B is for Billy the Beaver. The author even adds what the animal is doing. For example, Allie the Alligator is swimming in the swamp.

This is a great story for young kids up to about the age of 2 or 3 that teaches not only about the alphabet, but also about animals. 5/5 stars from me.

Alphabet Wildlife A to Z

Alphabet Wildlife A to Z is written and illustrated by Nata Romeo. While the premise is similar to E is for Elephant, I have to say that overall, I was less impressed with this rendition. There is a heavy focus on illustrations. But, the images are a bit more abstract than what I would expect for a children’s book. And, some of the animals chosen for it are rather obscure. So, I don’t really find it to be as appropriate for young children as E is for Elephant. Romeo, however, is an extremely talented artist. Had she published an art book, then it would be 5 stars. But, an alphabet book with those illustrations gets 3/5 stars from me.

Living Green and the Lake was my least favorite of the three stories I read this week. It’s written by Florian Bushy. To be honest, the book was difficult to get through–it didn’t really hold my attention. Beyond that, the title didn’t make sense to me since it had nothing to do with living green or conservation, making the theme pretty murky. I think I get where the writer was going with it, but they missed the mark. This book gets 2/5 stars from me.

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