Book Reviews Edition 9

Welcome to Book Reviews Edition 9. This week I will be reviewing The Most Purrfect Home of All, Capturing Time, and Tuxedo Baby.

The Most Purrfect Home of All

The Most Purrfect Home of All was written by Susan Rea and illustrated by Maria Andrieiva. It’s about a stray cat who lives in an old truck until that truck is towed away. The cat then goes on a journey to find a new home, which ends up being with a man that takes care of him.

The story is adorable and heartwarming, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book gets 5/5 from me.

Capturing Time

Capturing Time was written by Wanda Snow Porter. To be honest, this was not one of my favorite stories. I’m not entirely sure if it’s trying to be a fantasy story or a story about a child playing pretend. Either way, the language used by the child in the story doesn’t fit the way a child normally talks. I’m not sure if it’s a typo or if the author is actually intending for Easton to say, “Time is trouble.” This is a very adult thing to say, and I think perhaps it was meant to read, “Time is in trouble.”

The ending of the story also doesn’t make sense to me. Why does the father all of a sudden change his mind about going fishing? This is never really explained. He just suddenly says his chores can wait, but the reader is not privy to what changed his mind. This story gets 3/5 from me.

Tuxedo Baby

Tuxedo Baby is written by Victoria Smith and illustrated by Helen Stebakov. The story follows a baby penguin that is adopted by a pair of conures. Although the story is adorable, I’m not really seeing a particular conflict or a resolution to what could be considered a conflict.

I think that the conflict is intended to be Tuxedo Baby adjusting to live with the Conures, while not actually being a conure himself. However, while Tuxedo Baby does try to do some of the things the conures can do (like fly), he doesn’t see especially disappointed when he cannot do so. He seems more fearful that he will be punished by his adopted parents, who are nothing but patient with him.

The story is ended after his parents tell him that he is going to have a baby sister, and he changes his name to Tux, big brother. There is however no real development towards this change. We see none of the internal struggle for the transition from Tuxedo Baby to Tux, big brother to make sense. This story gets 3/5 from me.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Given my review of these three books, today I recommend The Most Purrfect Home of All. This story is well written and very heartwarming. That concludes Book Reviews: Edition 9.

If you would like for me to review your children’s book, please send me an email at All children’s book reviews are free at this time.

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