Book Reviews: Edition 10

Welcome to Book Reviews: Edition 10. This week I am reviewing The Dutiful Dachshund, If I Could Bee Anything I Want to Be, and Super Blueberry’s Super Birthday.

The Dutiful Dachshund

The Dutiful Dachshund was written and illustrated by Patricia Bartosik. It is about a little dachshund that goes through quite a bit to fetch a newspaper, but this is ultimately unappreciated by her ungrateful owner. While I fell in love with the dachshund in the story, I was a bit disappointed in the ending.

The dachshund goes through everything that she does to get the paper, but then her owner asks what took so long. This is hardly the reward she deserved for being so dutiful. Yes, the owner’s daughter greets her with smiles and kisses, but she is still unappreciated by her owner.

This story gets 4/5 stars from me.

If I Could Bee Anything I Want to Be

If I Could Be Anything I Want to Be is written by Corey Anne Abreau. The story goes over the different careers and what they do. It’s rather simplistic, but overall an effective and entertaining way to teach children about community helpers. This book gets 4/5 stars from me.

Super Blueberry’s Super Birthday

Super Blueberry’s Super Birthday is written and illustrated by Julie Benton Zollars. I had really high hopes for this book because I love superheroes, but I was very disappointed. There was nothing super or even imaginative about this story.

It was a description of a typical birthday party with the kids wearing costumes. There was no conflict, not really a story even. This book gets 2/5 stars. The second star is for good grammar, but I do not recommend buying it.

Conclusion & Recommendations

I recommend both The Dutiful Dachshund and If I Could Bee Anything I Wanted to Bee. Although I very rarely recommend against buying a book, I do recommend against spending money on Super Blueberry’s Super Birthday. This concludes Book Reviews: Edition 10.

If you would like me to review your book, email me at for more information.

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