Pending Criminal & Civil Cases Against Donald Trump

President Trump Postlaunch Remarks (NHQ202005300080)
President Trump Postlaunch Remarks (NHQ202005300080)
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As of August 2022, there are 22 pending criminal and civil cases against Donald Trump according to Just Security’s Litigation Tracker. Of these cases, three of them have been settled (all civil), and Trump has attempted to get three others dismissed, but the motions were denied. Sixteen of them are civil; four are criminal, and there are both civil and criminal cases coming out of New York.

The Cases are as follows:

E. Jean Carroll Defamation and Federal Tort Claims Act Litigation.

Summer Zervos Defamation Suit (Closed).

Mary Trump Fraud Litigation.

Panama Hotel Fraud and Tax Litigation (Closed).

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Doe v The Trump Corporation Class Action.

DC Civil Suit Over Misuse of 2017 Inauguration Funds. (Closed).

Reps Karen Bass et al. Incitement Suit for Jan 6 Capitol Attack.

Eric Stalwell Incitement Suit for Jan 6 Riots.

Capitol Police Suit for Jan 6 Riots.

Second Capitol Police Suit for Jan 6 Riots.

Third Capitol Police Suit for Jan 6 Riots.

Metropolitan Police Suit over the Jan 6 Riots.

NAACP’s Legal Defense Fund Voting Rights Case for Post Election Actions.

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New York Attorney General’s Civil and Criminal Investigations.

Scotland Unexplained Wealth Orders.

Trump Tower Assault Suit.

Michael Cohen Retaliatory Imprisonment Suit.

Criminal Investigations into Trump’s Finances.

DC AG Incitement Criminal Investigation.

Fulton County, Georgia Criminal Election Influence Investigation.

Westchester, New York Criminal Investigation of Trump Organization Golf Course.

National Archives Investigation: Mishandled Classified Material.

Anyone who still supports him after all of this, with 22 pending criminal & civil cases against Donald Trump…well, let’s just say that I don’t have anything nice to say about them. They are either his fools, or they are like him, and that is not a compliment.

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