Fawkes’ Top 10 Favorite Things to Do

Want to learn a little more about our favorite feathered friend? Here are Fawkes’ top 10 favorite things to do.

10. Sing.

Fawkes is known for random screen bombing during virtual karaoke and sings along with songs he likes.

DID YOU KNOW that he once sang the words in the chorus to Ace of Base’s Beautiful Life? There’s never been a repeat performance this did really happen when I was practicing one day.

9. Forage for Food and Treats

I am constantly having to yell at Fawkes for being on the floor. He does this because of his wild ancestors’ urge to forage. In the wild, birds spend most of their day foraging for food. This is why it’s so important to provide pet birds with lots of toys and things to do.

8. Chew on his giant wrapped net.

Fawkes has a huge net that’s wrapped like a burrito currently hanging from his travel cage. He’s had the toy for some time ( a year or two), and it’s about five times his size. He’s been slowly working on destroying it (which is it’s purpose). This is probably his favorite toy.

7. Training.

I aim to train Fawkes every day, but I am unfortunately not always able to. When I do, Fawkes loves participating in trainings to learn tricks and earn treats.

6. Throw everything on the floor.

Fawkes throws everything on the floor–his toys, ceramics, pencils–anything he gets his beak on.

5. Get Scratches.

Much of the time, Fawkes enjoys head scratches, particularly on the side of his head. He does, at times, not want to be touched though.

4. Give his human kisses.

Fawkes is very affectionate. He loves giving and receiving kisses, but sometimes he gets a little rough and has been known to bite lips instead of giving an actual kiss–even if a kiss is what he was intending.

3. Being Held

Fawkes loves to be held. I will often find him sitting in my hand, even if I didn’t consciously make the decision to hold him. He’s learned how to manipulate me into picking him up and holding him in my hand.

2. Share Food with his Human

If I am eating, Fawkes automatically tries to get some of my food. If I do not share with him, he actually will bite me until I put him back in his cage or give him some of my food.

1. Come out of his cage to be with his human

Lastly, Fawkes loves being out of his cage. Aside from sleeping, he primarily wants to be out of his cage and doesn’t always take it too well if I need him to be in his cage.

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