How to Clean Your Bird’s Cage

Cleaning your bird’s cage is extremely important to keep your bird healthy and happy. So, here is how to clean your bird’s cage.

Changing the paper

It is best to line the bottom of your bird’s cage with newspaper or some other sort of paper. I use butcher paper, but newspaper works just as well.

This needs to be changed everyday.

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Cleaning the Cage Itself

I tend to use baby wipes, but soap and water works just as well. You just don’t want to use bleach or chemicals unless you’re willing to clean it again with soap and water. It is recommended if your bird has been sick to do this, however, but it is not necessary the rest of the time.

When I clean Fawkes’ cage, I try to clean the grate on the bottom of the cage, clean off any food or debris on the sides of the cage, and I wipe down the tray under his cage, as well as cleaning off any toys he’s made a mess on.

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