Fawkes Flies First Class

Fawkes and I are just got back from Monterey on Cyber Monday, and we flew first class to get here!

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Airlines & Cost

So, Fawkes and I flew up here on Alaska airlines, first class. It was a short flight, so relatively inexpensive, $85 + tax for me, and $100 for Fawkes. I made the mistake of thinking that my backpack would be allowed at my seat–it didn’t fit, so ended up going in the flight attendants’ closet. 


Seats & Budget

But, the seats weren’t as big as I was expecting, and there weren’t all that many perks to sitting in first class. We did have a seat to ourselves, and water waiting for us, and we got to board toward the front of the queue, so those were all good things, but very few of them were entirely necessary if you don’t have the budget for it or if it’s for a quick weekend trip away. 

I opted for first class on this trip, because I wanted to splurge a little bit for my birthday. I don’t really regret it either, but for smaller trips, I would just go for premium or main cabin seats, rather than first class.

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