Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Studios Orlando

When my friend and I went to Universal Studios Orlando last year, we stayed at Sapphire Falls Resort. Because of this, I can give you more specifics about this particular hotel than the others in Orlando.

Pet Friendly

Sapphire Falls Resort is a premiere hotel in the Universal Orlando resort, and it has the distinction of being the cheapest pet friendly hotel at the resort. Don’t let that fool you though, because it isn’t cheap.

Prices start at around $146/night during the off season, and they also charge a one time pet fee of $100 when you bring your fur or feather baby with you. In exchange for this, they give you a food and water dish, as well as a mat to put them on. I believe they also provide food, treats, or a toy if you bring a dog.


The Nicest Hotel I’ve Ever Stayed In

This was probably one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever stayed at. Granted, this was for my birthday, and I had just come into some money, so I splurged.

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