How Was Fawkes’ Christmas?

Although this wasn’t Fawkes’ first Christmas, this was the first Christmas that he really got to celebrate with me.

A Story a Day Until Christmas

One thing that I’ve tried to do the last few years, but really only succeeded this year was reading A Story a Day Until Christmas. This is a book that my mother read to me when I was growing up and that I took with me when I moved out. While we didn’t read every night, we did go through all the stories. So, this year, Fawkes understood who Santa Claus was and was excited about presents.

Santa Claus

This was the first year I got to play Santa Claus. I suppose I could have done so before, but this was the first year I was organized enough to do.

Fawkes couldn’t actually open the presents, but he attended to me opening them…at least the ones from his stocking. After that he had pretty much had it and wanted his treats. Yes, I literally wrapped treats to give to him, and he loved it! I also remade a few of his toys, but he wasn’t especially interested in those.

All in all Fawkes seemed to enjoy his Christmas.

What about all of you? What are your traditions for celebrating the holidays with your pet(s)?

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