The Anti-Feminism Movement-and Why It’s All About Insecurity

women protesting with posters above heads on the street

The topics of civil rights in general make me rather angry, and it’s not just in regards to the feminist movement. Let me make it clear–I am not angry about the movements themselves. I am angry because as of 2023, they are still so desperately needed.

women protesting with posters above heads on the street
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Hatred is at a Deafening Roar

Hatred still exists, and it is at a deafening roar.

Donald Trump’s presidency had many disastrous results. One of these was normalizing prejudice behavior. Almost everyday I find new videos on Youtube about how someone is being racist or sexist or hateful toward immigrants or the LGBTQ+ community.

White Male Fragility and Insecurity

Most of the time, individuals who are attacking others are white men, but there are a fair number of white women and other minorities attacking others as well. Oftentimes, the people who are doing this boast of being ‘alpha’ males, when they really just come across as insecure.

Just because someone is asking for equality does not mean you will have less rights.

But, that’s not the whole story.

Those in the Fascist Movement Only See Straight, Rich, White Men as Actual People

I watched a video at one point where it was reported that a conservative Christian only just realized that his wife was a person, with her own thoughts and ideas and was worth listening to. I unfortunately do not remember which video it was other than that it was from a reliable source. If I do manage to find the video though, I will share it here.

Trying to get into the minds of these people turns my stomach, so I’m not going to stay on this for much longer. But, I do wonder if this is how they excuse their behaviors.

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