Introducing the Cast of The Lion King

a roaring lion
a roaring lion
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Cast of the Lion King:

Young Simba/Adult Nala: Marissa Mann

Adult Simba/Banzai: John Chen

Rafiki/Timon/Young Nala Understudy: Andie Campbell

Zazu/Pumbaa:  Nicole Smith

Scar:  Jeannette Ocampo Welch

Circle of Life soloist/Scar Understudy:   Megahn Howard 

Young Nala: Olivia Vanessa Baumgart

Shenzi: Donna Roberts Cunningham

Ed: Fawkes the Green Cheeked Conure

Chorus: Andie Campbell, John Chen, Donna Roberts Cunningham, Megahn Howard, Marissa Mann, Nicole Smith, Raja Vaidya

Join us on Friday, May 12 at 8 PM PST (11 PM EST).

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