The Taste of Costa Rica Review

I’ve decided to start a new segment on my blog as a part of my travel blog, and I am going to begin reviewing restaurants and food at amusement parks. You’ll find these posts popping up about once a month for right now, and we’ll see how that goes, starting with my The Taste of Costa Rica Review.

I had planned to review Toadstool cafe at Super Nintendo World, but as you can probably imagine, that part of the park was packed when I arrived, and I was informed that I could. not even get in line for the restaurant until 4:15 PM. Seeing as I rarely stay at the park that late, and I hadn’t eaten yet that day, I opted to go elsewhere.

That’s how I ended up at The Taste of Costa Rica.

The Categories

I will be rating the restaurant on three different categories: Wait Time, Price, and on the quality of the food itself.

Wait Time

I waited about 20-25 minutes to eat, which is pretty close to my upper limit for waiting for anything at Universal Studios, so I’m giving The Taste of Costa Rica a 2 in this category.


I try to eat healthier foods, and this was one of the few healthy items on the menu. I cannot remember it’s exact name, but it was basically a salad with chicken. (Here’s the menu for your reference). The base of the salad was a premix of shredded lettuce and cabbage. There was a tiny bit of chicken added, some sort of grated cheese (parmesan I think), a quarter of an avocado, and vinegar and oil on the side.

Let’s be real here–this salad was worth about $6. I only say $6 because of the avocado. Without it, it would be worth $5. I paid over $14 with my gold pass discount. Without the discount, it would have been almost $17. They are charging almost triple what they should be for what they are offering.

I give it a 1 for price.

The Food Itself

The nicest thing I can say about the salad was that it was edible. As I said above, they used a premix of shredded lettuce and cabbage which had very little nutritional value. There was not enough chicken for what I paid, and I could have done without the cheese in exchange for additional vegetables. The restaurant gets a 2 for the food.

Overall Score & Recommendation

The overall score is 1.67, so my recommendation would be to steer clear. This restaurant is not worth your money.

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