Dinos Alive: Second Visit

I went to Dinos Alive in December of 2021. To read my review from that visit, go here. But, when I went to the Stranger Things experience a few weeks ago, I decided to attend Dinos Alive a second time. Here’s what happened on my second visit.

General Admission or VIP

On my first visit, I had VIP admission, but recommended just getting general admission. To test that, I got general admission this time around, and–I was right. There was virtually no line, and once I got inside, I could just walk around at my own pace. There was almost no one inside–it was even quieter than the first time I had gone. If I recall correctly, there were two individuals inside the exhibit during the same time I was. The second room that was so chaotic the first time I was in there was entirely empty.

I got through the entire exhibit in about 15 minutes or so. Keep in mind that this was my second time there, so I didn’t linger at any one exhibit, and I didn’t participate in VR or any other activities. I did look through the gift shop, but did not purchase anything. I will eventually get a video of my visit up on Youtube–once that happens, I will add that to this post.

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