Super Nintendo World Toadstool Cafe Review

There’s been a lot of complaints about the Super Nintendo World Toadstool Cafe swirling around the internet. How much of this is true? What are the complainers saying? Let’s find out.

The Menu

While my biggest complaint about Toadstool Cafe was that there were fewer options than I would have liked, it was in fact my only complaint. The food was good. I ordered the Luigi Burger, which was a pesto chicken sandwich (below). The sandwich came with fresh vegetables–spinach mixed with the pesto at the bottom and green pepper on top, as well as some cheese directly on the chicken.

The fries though are what stole the show. Now, I generally don’t eat fries. They are one of the most unhealthy foods on the planet, and they don’t even taste all that great. But, I wasn’t paying attention when I ordered, and I didn’t realize that the sandwich came with them. And, these fries were probably the best I’ve ever tasted, not that it’s a high bar. But, they were so good.


Pass discounts are applicable at Toadstool Cafe! With my gold pass, I paid just over $15 for my meal, which I think is reasonable.

Wait Time

There was no wait time this particular day, but that’s only because I purchased early entry for an extra $20. The last time I went to Super Nintendo World with the intention of eating at Toadstool Cafe, I couldn’t get in because it had filled up so quickly. It is very difficult to get in unless you have early entry.


There are screens set up as connected windows throughout the restaurant with characters walking around outside and in the kitchen. There were bomb attacks, and Luigi even made an appearance.

Now the Complaints

Most of the complaints seem to be in comparison to Universal Studios in Japan and specifically things found in the park in Japan and not in Hollywood, and not all of the criticisms are even correct.

It does seem that some of the menu items from Japan did not make it over to Universal Hollywood, such as Princess Peach’s cake, pizza bowls, and themed desserts, including character drinks–except that the character drinks actually are available in Hollywood. I know, because I’ve actually tried the Mario one.

It’s important to note that I purchased it not in Super Nintendo World, but just outside of it on the lower lot.

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My Overall Assessment

I highly recommend Toadstool Cafe, however, I do recommend springing for early admission to guarantee you can get in. There are virtual reservations, but you also must get into the virtual queue to get into Super Nintendo World itself, so it can get complicated.

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