A Conure’s Guide to the Dinos of Santa Monica

Welcome to “A Conure’s Guide to the Dinos of Santa Monica”! This guide is written from the perspective of Fawkes the Green Cheeked Conure, who recently visited the Dinos of Santa Monica exhibit with their human.

Fawkes is a curious and adventurous conure who loves to learn new things. And, he was excited to visit the Dinos of Santa Monica exhibit because he had never seen dinosaurs before.

The Exhibit

The Dinos of Santa Monica was put into place in 1989 on the 3rd Street Promenade. And the exhibit runs from Broadway to Wilshire. 

The Dinos of Santa Monica are life-sized dinosaurs made out of stainless steel, copper, and plants. And, they were commissioned by the City of Santa Monica Percent for Art Program with contributions from the J. H. Snyder Company, the Miller, Klutznick, Davis, Grey Company, and the Janss Corporation. 

The Dinosaurs

There are six dinosaurs in total: Triceratops and Stegosaurus, Diplodocus, Apatosaurus, and Iguanodon, and Dimetrodon. The Tricertops and Stegosaurus pairs, as well as the Iguanodon and Dimetrodon are also fountains with water spouting from their mouths.


Why the Dinosaurs of Santa Monica is So Special

One of the things that makes the Dinosaurs of Santa Monica so special is that it is a free, outdoor, pet-friendly art exhibit. This means that you can bring your furry (or feathered) friend along to admire the dinosaurs. And, even take some fun photos with them.


Another great thing about the Dinosaurs of Santa Monica is that they are constantly changing. And, as the plants and ivy grow, the dinosaurs take on new shapes and forms. This makes the exhibit a fun place to visit again and again, to see how the dinosaurs have changed.



If you are looking for a unique and fun thing to do in Santa Monica, be sure to check out the Dinosaurs of Santa Monica. And, it is a great place to take a break from the beach, and enjoy some art with your furry (or feathered) friend.


Tips for Visiting the Dinosaurs of Santa Monica

  • The best time to visit is during the day, when the dinosaurs are well-lit and you can take some great photos.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, as you will be doing some walking.
  • If you are bringing your pet, be sure to keep them on a leash and clean up after them.
  • And, be respectful of the art, and do not climb on the dinosaurs or touch the plants.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Dinosaurs of Santa Monica!

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