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Upcoming Shows

All shows premiere on my Youtube channel and are entirely free to view. Interested in auditioning? Go here.

Living Room Concert #1

The Lion King

The Little Mermaid

Saturday, April 1st, 5 PM PST (8 PM EST)

May 12th, 8 PM PST (11 PM EST)

September 1st, 8 PM PST (11 PM EST)


Green Suites (tentative)

Coming December 2023

Coming early 2024

Services-Coming Soon

Premiering and Past Shows

Living Room Concert #1, Featuring Marissa Mann. Premieres April 1st at 5 PM PST (8 PM EST)
Aladdin Music Show starring Andie Campbell, Raja Vaidya, and Marissa Mann
Frozen Music Show starring Marissa Mann, Andie Campbell, John Chen, and Jeannette Ocampo Welch

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