Audition Requirements

We do three types of productions on my channel: Music Shows, Musicals, and Collabs. Music Shows are usually Disney shows (but can be from other musicals) and feature just the vocal numbers, with perhaps one or instrumental numbers, depending on who is available to participate in the shows. Musicals are a new endeavor, beginning in 2024, but will involve either a short or full length musical production. Finally, collabs occur throughout the year to fill in many of the remaining spots on my channel. Here are the audition requirements if you would like to participate. All audition videos should be sent to or you can sign up for a live audition here. Engaging virtual karaoke members *that I have already heard sing* are not required to audition, but may be asked to submit callback videos. Here are the audition requirements for each type of program.

Music Shows

Submit one video of you singing or playing (an instrument) a Disney song or a song from another musical. State your name, the song title, and the show in which it appears, as well as the kind of role you are interested in playing at the beginning of the video. You may also state the production you would like to participate in.


For musicals, you will be required to submit 2 videos, one video to showcase your singing, and one video to showcase your acting. Singing videos can be up to about 3 minutes, while monologues should be no more than 60 seconds. Instrumentalists need only submit 1 video.

*There is a typo on the flyer. Green Suites will be premiering in March 2024.


Collabs are just that–collaborations with one or more other singers. This is a bit looser than the music shows. Deadlines are more flexible, and they are one off commitments rather than a set of songs from a show. Submit a video of the song you would like to sing with me, singing your part only, for consideration.

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