Super Nintendo World Toadstool Cafe Review

There’s been a lot of complaints about the Super Nintendo World Toadstool Cafe swirling around the internet. How much of this is true? What are the complainers saying? Let’s find out. The Menu While my biggest complaint about Toadstool Cafe was that there were fewer options than I would have liked, it was in factContinue reading “Super Nintendo World Toadstool Cafe Review”

How to Read Music: Alto and Tenor Clefs

Alto and Tenor Clefs look sort of like an M on its side. And, they are most often used for viola music, but are occasionally used for other music. Alto clefs are always positioned to point to the center line, while tenor clefs can point to any line or space on the staff. When aContinue reading “How to Read Music: Alto and Tenor Clefs”

Dinos Alive: Second Visit

I went to Dinos Alive in December of 2021. To read my review from that visit, go here. But, when I went to the Stranger Things experience a few weeks ago, I decided to attend Dinos Alive a second time. Here’s what happened on my second visit. General Admission or VIP On my first visit,Continue reading “Dinos Alive: Second Visit”

Short Quiz to Figure Out Your Voice Part

Ever wondered what your voice part is? Take my Short Quiz to Figure Out Your Voice Part. The Results: Once you take the quiz, you will get a percentage. Read below for an analysis of what your percentage means: *Please note that this is not a foolproof quiz. I can only give you an estimateContinue reading “Short Quiz to Figure Out Your Voice Part”

My Trip to Hawkins Lab-The Stranger Things Experience

Ever wanted to know why Eleven and Kali had different powers? How about whether or not this means there are more powers than just those two? We’re gonna find out today. Here’s what I learned on my trip to Hawkins Lab-The Stranger Things Experience. First, unfortunately, cameras were not allowed for most of the experience,Continue reading “My Trip to Hawkins Lab-The Stranger Things Experience”

The Taste of Costa Rica Review

I’ve decided to start a new segment on my blog as a part of my travel blog, and I am going to begin reviewing restaurants and food at amusement parks. You’ll find these posts popping up about once a month for right now, and we’ll see how that goes, starting with my The Taste ofContinue reading “The Taste of Costa Rica Review”

Introducing the Cast of The Lion King

Cast of the Lion King: Young Simba/Adult Nala: Marissa Mann Adult Simba/Banzai: John Chen Rafiki/Timon/Young Nala Understudy: Andie Campbell Zazu/Pumbaa:  Nicole Smith Scar:  Jeannette Ocampo Welch Circle of Life soloist/Scar Understudy:   Megahn Howard  Young Nala: Olivia Vanessa Baumgart Shenzi: Donna Roberts Cunningham Ed: Fawkes the Green Cheeked Conure Chorus: Andie Campbell, John Chen, DonnaContinue reading “Introducing the Cast of The Lion King”

Why “Woke” is Suddenly Bad

Republicans have started to trash the word “woke”, saying that people who are woke are bad. So why is “woke” suddenly bad? Because Republicans want you to sleep through all the crap they are doing. Where Woke Originated “Woke is now defined in this dictionary as “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issuesContinue reading “Why “Woke” is Suddenly Bad”