Book Reviews: Edition 31

Book Reviews: Edition 31 focuses on Anyone Can Be Normal…Billy Brooks!, Under the sea: Some of our beautiful swimming friends, and SARAH’S ACCOMPLISHMENT. Anyone Can Be Normal…Billy Brooks! Anyone Can Be Normal…Billy Brooks! is written by Michael Rady and illustrated by Ashlee Galloway. I have to admit that I expected this book to be aboutContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 31”

Book Reviews: Edition 30

Book Reviews: Edition 30 focuses on 24 Days ‘Til Christmas for Kids: How to Guarantee a Spot on Santa’s Nice List, Watch us grow: Growing plants to eat, and The Adventures of a Robot Vacuum: The Ransom. 24 Days ‘Til Christmas for Kids: How to Guarantee a Spot on Santa’s Nice List 24 Days ‘TilContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 30”

Book Reviews: Edition 29

Book Reviews: Edition 29 will focus on Marina The Unicorn Collector: The Case of the Stolen Christmas Chocolate, THE WINTER APPLES: ADVENTURE BOOK FOR KIDS, and Bentley Hippo ABC Empower Me: Be Anything You Want To Be. Marina The Unicorn Collector: The Case of the Stolen Christmas Chocolate Marina The Unicorn Collector: The Case ofContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 29”

December Author Updates

Not a lot going on on the author front with so many of my other projects taking precedence, but I do have several projects where I have been making slow progress. Here are my December Author Updates. Explorers of the Unspeakable For those of you that know about what started out as a fanfiction seriesContinue reading “December Author Updates”

Book Reviews: Edition 27

Book Reviews Edition 27 focuses on Gardenia’s Birthday Surprise, Saint Goes to Space, and True Friendship. Gardenia’s Birthday Surprise  Gardenia’s Birthday Surprise is written by Sarah Pfeffer and illustrated by Mel Schroeder. This was probably one of the most disorganized children’s stories I’ve read in a long time. And, there wasn’t really a discernible theme orContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 27”

Book Reviews: Edition 26

Book Reviews: Edition 26 features Good Night Forest Fairies, Just Once More, and A Very Murphy Christmas: The Murphy Brothers Saga 3.5. Good Night Forest Fairies Good Night Forest Fairies is written by Crystal Willette. This was a rather simple but sweet story about fairies going to sleep for the night, and all the magicalContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 26”

November 2022 Author Announcements

Only a few November 2022 Author Announcements. My latest book: Nutmeg’s Story: Believe in Yourself is out, available on Amazon and through my publisher just in time for the holidays. They make great stocking stuffers. Book Reviews Children’s Book Reviews: $5 $2.50 Novels: For novels, I charge by the number of words. A 300 wordContinue reading “November 2022 Author Announcements”

Book Reviews: Edition 24

Book Reviews: Edition 24 features The Tallest Christmas Tree, Baby Jesus, and Christina and Rosie: And the Wish that Came True. The Tallest Christmas Tree The Tallest Christmas Tree was written by Julia Zheng and illustrated by Anjali Raj. This story is about a Christmas tree that grew too tall. And, no one wanted it.Continue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 24”

Book Reviews: Edition 23

Book Reviews: Edition 23 features You Can Do It! (The Golden Pearl Book 1), Millicent Doesn’t Like Me…And That’s OK, and Learning Together With Sally and Kate. You Can Do It! (The Golden Pearl Book 1) You Can Do It! (The Golden Pearl Book 1) was written by Audrey Cuff. While I love the themeContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 23”

Book Reviews: Edition 22

Book Reviews: Edition 22 focuses on The Whirlpool of my Emotions, If I Were a Tree, and Robot and Sasquatch. The Whirlpool of my Emotions The Whirlpool of my Emotions is written by Chloe Galmes. Overall, this was a very cute story and a great way to explain emotions to children. However, I had aContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 22”

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