AprilCoxTravel Announcements: Grand ReOpening!

AprilCoxTravel is officially reopened as of September 2022. I’ve switched from the MLM I was working with to a host agency that focuses entirely on travel, not recruiting others to pay for subscriptions. The price is much cheaper, and the trainings are much better. I will be planning a virtual grand reopening event, so stayContinue reading “AprilCoxTravel Announcements: Grand ReOpening!”

AprilCoxTravel & Freelance Announcements and September Updates

September Updates for AprilCox and Freelance. AprilCoxTravel I’ve had to made the difficult decision to temporarily close the travel arm of my business. This will likely not be permanent. And, I will keep you posted on when we are reopening. Andie Campbell, Author There’s apparently been a delay with my next book coming out, andContinue reading “AprilCoxTravel & Freelance Announcements and September Updates”

My Packing List for Trips that Involve Flying

As with my roadtrip packing list, my list may be a little different from most people’s because I tend to film when I travel, but also because I have a pet bird. Here is my packing list for trips that involve flying. Clothing Toiletries & Other Supplies Filming/Blogging Equipment Pet Supplies I haven’t as ofContinue reading “My Packing List for Trips that Involve Flying”

Are You Sexist? (Most People Are)

Before you read this article please take the Human Rights Channel’s quiz on whether or not you are sexist. You can find the quiz here. My results on the quiz, just so you know I actually took it: So, how did I score so high? Because I’ve been researching gender equality and sexist behavior forContinue reading “Are You Sexist? (Most People Are)”

Tesla: Another Example of Sexism in the Workplace

Tesla sexual harassment lawsuits multiply as 6 more women sue musk led firm Tesla sexual harassment lawsuits multiply as 6 more women sue musk led firm: I’m getting really tired of hearing about things like this. It’s not that I don’t believe the women coming forward–I do; that’s the problem. It’s the fact that weContinue reading “Tesla: Another Example of Sexism in the Workplace”

Facebook Prefers Scammers over Small Businesses

I had a rough night last night. Yet another of my boosted posts on Facebook had been denied with them saying that it was a scam. The video above is from a year ago, but it’s still very accurate in my opinion because I believe: Facebook prefers scammers over small businesses. Facebook Yard Sale GroupsContinue reading “Facebook Prefers Scammers over Small Businesses”

How I Spent My New Years Eve

If you read my Alone for Christmas post, then you know that I don’t have family to spend the holidays with. I have spent New Years Eve with friends in the past, but given the state of things with COVID, I thought it best if I didn’t hold any live events. I don’t mind travelingContinue reading “How I Spent My New Years Eve”

Who I Really Am

The name Andie Campbell is an alias I chose for myself in regards to my writing, because the field I wanted anonymity within the field I worked for my day job, however, I quit my job a few weeks ago. I had intended for this post to go out on November 21st, my 39th birthday.Continue reading “Who I Really Am”

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