Introducing the Cast of the Little Mermaid

For our upcoming show of the Little Mermaid, the cast will be as follows: We will also be joined by Olivia Vanessa Baumgart in the chorus and/or as a dancer in Under the Sea. Come join us on Friday, September 1st at 8 PM PST/11 PM EST. You can view our most recent show, TheContinue reading “Introducing the Cast of the Little Mermaid”

7 Kayaking Trips Worth Taking Right Now

One of the things I love to do outdoors is kayaking, especially in the summer. Here are seven great places to kayak in Southern and Central California. #7. La Jolla La Jolla is located just north of San Diego on the western coast of California. Most of the kayaking tours will take you through theContinue reading “7 Kayaking Trips Worth Taking Right Now”

Ultimate Guide to Lion King Behind the Scenes

Lion King Behind the Scenes premieres tomorrow night, Friday, May 12 at 7:45 PM PST/10:45 PM EST, right before The Lion King Music Show. It is approximately 10 minutes long and features interviews from members of the Lion King Music Show’s cast. After a brief intro, the special launches into never before seen behind theContinue reading “Ultimate Guide to Lion King Behind the Scenes”

Santa Ana Zoo

I went to the Santa Ana Zoo in May 2021. It was the first trip I had taken during COVID. Where to Stay For me, I’m usually a budget traveler, so there is rarely a better option than Motel 6. Now, not all Motel 6s are created equal. Some are overpriced with few amenities, whileContinue reading “Santa Ana Zoo”

Lion King Music Show

Our upcoming music show, The Lion King, premieres on Friday, May 12th at 8 PM PST/11 PM PST. The show stars Marissa Mann, Nicole Smith, and Andie Campbell. The Songs The performance starts with Circle of Life, which stars Megahn Howard as the soloist and Andie Campbell as Rafiki, with the chorus backing them up.Continue reading “Lion King Music Show”

Catalina Island Day Trip Itinerary

If you do not live in Southern CA, you may not know about our Galapagos Island experience just off of our coast. Catalina Island is the southernmost island in the Channel Islands off the coast of California. If for whatever reason you haven’t been to the island yet, this is a great experience that IContinue reading “Catalina Island Day Trip Itinerary”

Six Day Oxnard & Channel Islands Trip Itinerary

Just because you’re on a budget does not mean you can’t have an epic vacation, with or without your pet. Here is my recommended six day Oxnard & Channel Islands trip itinerary. Day One: Yoga on the Beach & Channel Islands Harbor Yoga on the Beach: I am a big proponent of yoga and nothingContinue reading “Six Day Oxnard & Channel Islands Trip Itinerary”

Super Nintendo World Toadstool Cafe Review

There’s been a lot of complaints about the Super Nintendo World Toadstool Cafe swirling around the internet. How much of this is true? What are the complainers saying? Let’s find out. The Menu While my biggest complaint about Toadstool Cafe was that there were fewer options than I would have liked, it was in factContinue reading “Super Nintendo World Toadstool Cafe Review”

Dinos Alive: Second Visit

I went to Dinos Alive in December of 2021. To read my review from that visit, go here. But, when I went to the Stranger Things experience a few weeks ago, I decided to attend Dinos Alive a second time. Here’s what happened on my second visit. General Admission or VIP On my first visit,Continue reading “Dinos Alive: Second Visit”

Book Reviews: Edition 31

Book Reviews: Edition 31 focuses on Anyone Can Be Normal…Billy Brooks!, Under the sea: Some of our beautiful swimming friends, and SARAH’S ACCOMPLISHMENT. Anyone Can Be Normal…Billy Brooks! Anyone Can Be Normal…Billy Brooks! is written by Michael Rady and illustrated by Ashlee Galloway. I have to admit that I expected this book to be aboutContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 31”

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