How to Read Music: Alto and Tenor Clefs

Alto and Tenor Clefs look sort of like an M on its side. And, they are most often used for viola music, but are occasionally used for other music. Alto clefs are always positioned to point to the center line, while tenor clefs can point to any line or space on the staff. When aContinue reading “How to Read Music: Alto and Tenor Clefs”

Short Quiz to Figure Out Your Voice Part

Ever wondered what your voice part is? Take my Short Quiz to Figure Out Your Voice Part. The Results: Once you take the quiz, you will get a percentage. Read below for an analysis of what your percentage means: *Please note that this is not a foolproof quiz. I can only give you an estimateContinue reading “Short Quiz to Figure Out Your Voice Part”

Frozen Songs: What They Mean to Me

I have a tendency to come into Disney movies a little late in the game, and Frozen was no exception to that. In fact, it was the first movie that brought me back into the Disney fold. And, that was all thanks to the song Let It Go. Let It Go Every girl was singingContinue reading “Frozen Songs: What They Mean to Me”

November Music Announcements

I now have a new music blog which will focus on singing technique and other topics on music. Here are my November Music Announcements. Voice Lessons Also new this month are beginner voice lessons for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Regular prices are $15/half hour and $25/hour. Sign up for your discounted lesson today! FrozenContinue reading “November Music Announcements”

October 2022 Author/Singer Announcements

Fall is officially here, and Halloween is on its way. This is what you can expect from Andie Campbell, Author and Andie Campbell, Singer in the month of October. Here are the October 2022 Author/Singer Announcements. Andie Campbell, Author Believe in Yourself: Nutmeg’s Story My newest children’s book is finally out! You can get yourContinue reading “October 2022 Author/Singer Announcements”

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