Introducing the Cast of the Little Mermaid

For our upcoming show of the Little Mermaid, the cast will be as follows: We will also be joined by Olivia Vanessa Baumgart in the chorus and/or as a dancer in Under the Sea. Come join us on Friday, September 1st at 8 PM PST/11 PM EST. You can view our most recent show, TheContinue reading “Introducing the Cast of the Little Mermaid”

Ultimate Guide to Lion King Behind the Scenes

Lion King Behind the Scenes premieres tomorrow night, Friday, May 12 at 7:45 PM PST/10:45 PM EST, right before The Lion King Music Show. It is approximately 10 minutes long and features interviews from members of the Lion King Music Show’s cast. After a brief intro, the special launches into never before seen behind theContinue reading “Ultimate Guide to Lion King Behind the Scenes”

Lion King Music Show

Our upcoming music show, The Lion King, premieres on Friday, May 12th at 8 PM PST/11 PM PST. The show stars Marissa Mann, Nicole Smith, and Andie Campbell. The Songs The performance starts with Circle of Life, which stars Megahn Howard as the soloist and Andie Campbell as Rafiki, with the chorus backing them up.Continue reading “Lion King Music Show”

Aladdin Music Show Review

It’s now been about two months since my Aladdin Music Show premiered. Like with the Frozen Music Show, I gave the Aladdin Music Show a rewatch and my review is below. Arabian Nights At the time I recorded Arabian Nights I was still having green screen issues and was unable to get a decent video,Continue reading “Aladdin Music Show Review”

How to Read Music: Bass Clef

We’ve previously gone over how to read treble clef, alto clef, and tenor clef. Today, we’re going to talk about bass clef. Bass Clef is also sometimes called the F clef. Like with the alto and tenor clefs, the clef symbol points to its origin note. Instead of a middle C like in alto orContinue reading “How to Read Music: Bass Clef”

How to Read Music: Alto and Tenor Clefs

Alto and Tenor Clefs look sort of like an M on its side. And, they are most often used for viola music, but are occasionally used for other music. Alto clefs are always positioned to point to the center line, while tenor clefs can point to any line or space on the staff. When aContinue reading “How to Read Music: Alto and Tenor Clefs”

Short Quiz to Figure Out Your Voice Part

Ever wondered what your voice part is? Take my Short Quiz to Figure Out Your Voice Part. The Results: Once you take the quiz, you will get a percentage. Read below for an analysis of what your percentage means: *Please note that this is not a foolproof quiz. I can only give you an estimateContinue reading “Short Quiz to Figure Out Your Voice Part”

Introducing the Cast of The Lion King

Cast of the Lion King: Young Simba/Adult Nala: Marissa Mann Adult Simba/Banzai: John Chen Rafiki/Timon/Young Nala Understudy: Andie Campbell Zazu/Pumbaa:  Nicole Smith Scar:  Jeannette Ocampo Welch Circle of Life soloist/Scar Understudy:   Megahn Howard  Young Nala: Olivia Vanessa Baumgart Shenzi: Donna Roberts Cunningham Ed: Fawkes the Green Cheeked Conure Chorus: Andie Campbell, John Chen, DonnaContinue reading “Introducing the Cast of The Lion King”

February Music Announcements & Updates

Here are my February Music Announcements and updates. So, we’ve been gearing up for our Aladdin Music Show starring Raja Vaidya as Aladdin, Marissa Mann as Jasmine, and myself as Jeannie. Come see us on Thursday, February 16 at 8 PM PST (11 PM EST). Interested in appearing on my channel? Check out How Below! UpcomingContinue reading “February Music Announcements & Updates”

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