Unveiling Uncharted Adventures: 4 Types of Hidden Trails & Escapes in SoCal

Southern California, a vibrant land known for its glitzy cities, golden beaches, and iconic attractions, also harbors a wealth of hidden gems that beckon adventurers seeking uncharted escapades. Beyond the bustling streets and famous landmarks lie secret trails, unspoiled landscapes, and hidden retreats waiting to be explored. Join us on a journey to unveil theContinue reading “Unveiling Uncharted Adventures: 4 Types of Hidden Trails & Escapes in SoCal”

Ranking My Travel Adventures: The Most Memorable Trips

Every year, for my birthday, with the exception of 2020 because of COVID (I did a special staycation that year with online events), I go on a vacation for the purposes to celebrate. Here are my most memorable trips over the last several years. ***This post contains affiliate links*** #6. Carlsbad, CA I went toContinue reading “Ranking My Travel Adventures: The Most Memorable Trips”

7 Kayaking Trips Worth Taking Right Now

One of the things I love to do outdoors is kayaking, especially in the summer. Here are seven great places to kayak in Southern and Central California. #7. La Jolla La Jolla is located just north of San Diego on the western coast of California. Most of the kayaking tours will take you through theContinue reading “7 Kayaking Trips Worth Taking Right Now”

Catalina Island Day Trip: The Ultimate Guide

If you do not live in Southern CA, you may not know about our Galapagos Island experience just off of our coast. Catalina Island is the southernmost island in the Channel Islands off the coast of California. If for whatever reason you haven’t been to the island yet, this is a great experience that IContinue reading “Catalina Island Day Trip: The Ultimate Guide”

Your Ultimate Six-Day Oxnard and Channel Islands Itinerary

Just because you’re on a budget does not mean you can’t have an epic vacation, with or without your pet. Here is my recommended six day Oxnard & Channel Islands trip itinerary. Day One: Yoga on the Beach & Channel Islands Harbor Yoga on the Beach: I am a big proponent of yoga and nothingContinue reading “Your Ultimate Six-Day Oxnard and Channel Islands Itinerary”

My Epic Birthday at Monterey

This past year, for my birthday, I went to Monterey Bay. Let me tell you what I learned on my epic birthday at Monterey.  Conservation and Protecting Animal Species The biggest thing I learned was about conservation and protecting the vulnerable animal species that live in Monterey Bay. These include sea otters…harbor seals…and so manyContinue reading “My Epic Birthday at Monterey”

Channel Islands National Park Photo Journal

Start your journey of Channel Islands National Park in Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, whether it’s kayaking to see sea lions, or to go on the boat tour of the park that takes you through the clearest water I’ve ever seen (at least in the fall that is), to see dolphins and other sea lifeContinue reading “Channel Islands National Park Photo Journal”

San Diego Destination Guide

Although I am not a California native (I moved here not quite 9 years ago from Pennsylvania), one of the first places I visited was San Diego. Here is my guide to the best budget friendly vacation in the sunny San Diego. Welcome to the San Diego Destination Guide. Where Should You Stay? In myContinue reading “San Diego Destination Guide”

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