Fawkes’ Guide to Bird Care Resources

Welcome to our bird care supplies recommendations page! We are passionate about providing our feathered friends with the best possible care, and we know that choosing the right supplies can make a big difference in their lives.

On this page, you will find a comprehensive list of bird care supplies that we recommend for a variety of needs for small to medium sized birds. We have carefully researched and selected each product on this list, and we are confident that they are the best options available.

We have also included affiliate links for each product. This means that if you make a purchase through one of our links, we will earn a small commission. This commission helps us to support our website and youtube channel, as well as continue providing valuable information to bird owners.

We hope that you find this page helpful! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bird Care Supply #1: Bird Cages

Please keep in mind that this is only large enough for one bird, despite what the description says. If you need a cage for two or more parakeets, please email april@aprilcoxtravelandfreelance.com for suggestions, and I would be happy to add additional listings.

Guidelines for bar spacing

Guidelines for cage size and bar spacing

Bird Care Supply #2: Food Bowls

As you can see, this also comes with a spoon and some toys. These toys are great for conures–Fawkes loves to play with them!

While most bird cages come with food bowls, they are usually plastic and poor quality. You are definitely going to want to invest in stainless steel food bowls for the health of your bird.

Food dishes are best used to give your bird water and fresh veggies each morning.

Bird Care Supply #3: Bird Perches

Bird perches also tend to come with any cage purchase, however, they are usually single rod perches that are terrible for birds’ feet. Perches should be different sizes and shapes to give their feet a workout. While the perches that come with the bird’s cage are okay for temporary use (maybe a couple of weeks max), it is important to get them a variety of perches as soon as it is possible.

Bird Care Supply #4: Bird Toys

  • Bird Foraging Toys-for Medium sized birds only. If you are looking for foraging toys for your budgie/parakeet, please email april@aprilcoxtravelandfreelance.com for more appropriate sized foraging toys or skip directly to Foraging Toy #3 as this one is appropriate for smaller birds.
  • Bird Foraging Toy Number 1

For the foraging toys, I can personally vouch for each one, and these are the ones that Fawkes likes the best. I use this one for Fawkes’ pellets in his cage.

A large part of a wild bird’s day is searching for food, so offering all of their food in a dish takes a way a large part of how a bird will instinctually spend their day. While Fawkes has access to pellets all day and night, they are in various foraging toys throughout the apartment, so he has to work for the food.

This does say that it is for medium to large birds, but Fawkes, who is a small conure, manages just fine.

Although this toy is appropriate for both small and medium birds, please be mindful that Fawkes actually broke this one. I think this one is better suited to smaller birds or birds that are less aggressive than conures.

These are great for keeping your little parrot busy. Birds love to shred and destroy things, and it’s better to give them toys that will allow them to do so than to have them destroying your things. Just be mindful of the S hooks. When your bird does destroy the toy, remove it immediately to avoid the bird playing with the hook. If you notice your bird playing with the hook instead of the toy, be sure to remove the toy as well as that can be an unsafe situation.

Another great toy for your bird to destroy.

These are also some more great toys for your parrot to play with, and it comes with a perch as bonus!

So, which set of toys should you choose? Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer to that. The foraging toys are a must–your bird should have at least one of those if not more than one. (Fawkes has four). As for other kinds of toys, it will really depend on your bird. If you’re bringing home a new bird, you will need to try out several kinds of toys to see what your bird likes.

When I used to have budgies, they tended to like swings. They loved swinging themselves. But, Fawkes never goes on swings even when I have them available. He prefers toys he can destroy or throw.

It is, however, important that you avoid the following types of toys: mirrors & snuggie huts.

Mirrors can cause aggressive behaviors in your parrot, and the snuggie huts are actually rather dangerous and can lead to death. Birds like to chew on everything, and if they ingest the materials from the huts, it can cause internal issues, often leading to death.

It’s also important to be mindful of any bird toys with long chains as your bird can get tangled in them, and toys with ropes as your bird can ingest these as well like the snuggie huts.

Bird Care Supply #5: Bird Food & Treats

These are actually the kind of pellets that Fawkes eats, and he really loves them!

This is a brand I’ve used in the past and know to be very good as well. I think the reason I switched was just because I was unable to find this brand for a short while. And, Fawkes really likes the Roudybush pellets, so I saw no reason to switch back.

The nice thing about Zoopreem is that they have pellets for most species rather than just by size. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find pellets for a specific species, and this is always going to be the best option if you can find it.

If you need pellets for a different species of bird than is listed here, email april@aprilcoxtravelandfreelance.com for suggestions.

Vegetables are an extremely important part of a bird’s diet, and they should be fed fresh vegetables every morning. I like using dehydrated vegetables which I then rehydrate in the refrigerator overnight, because they simply take less time to prepare. You can of course, purchase fresh vegetables and then chop them each morning to feed to your parrot, but this is a great alternative!

If you’re interested in buying fresh vegetables from the grocery store for your bird, be sure to watch my video on conure nutrition (the vegetable part applies to all pet parrots) as it lists some of the best kinds of vegetables to feed your parrot and what produce to avoid!

This is one of Fawkes’ favorite treats. It’s a bit on the pricy side for how fast they go, but totally worth it for medium sized birds. You can buy them for parakeets as well, but you’re going to want to break them up into smaller pieces as well.

Birds love millet spray. In fact, this was the first bird treat I learned about when I got my first parakeet. While Fawkes will eat just about any treat, this isn’t one of his favorites.

Fawkes also loves nutriberries. This is another one he goes through fast, so if your bird loves nutriberries, you may prefer this size.

If there are any bird care supplies not listed on this page that you would like to see recommended feel free to email april@aprilcoxtravelandfreelance.com with your suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

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