Book Reviews: Edition 26

Book Reviews: Edition 26 features Good Night Forest Fairies, Just Once More, and A Very Murphy Christmas: The Murphy Brothers Saga 3.5. Good Night Forest Fairies Good Night Forest Fairies is written by Crystal Willette. This was a rather simple but sweet story about fairies going to sleep for the night, and all the magicalContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 26”

Book Reviews: Edition 24

Book Reviews: Edition 24 features The Tallest Christmas Tree, Baby Jesus, and Christina and Rosie: And the Wish that Came True. The Tallest Christmas Tree The Tallest Christmas Tree was written by Julia Zheng and illustrated by Anjali Raj. This story is about a Christmas tree that grew too tall. And, no one wanted it.Continue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 24”

Book Reviews: Edition 22

Book Reviews: Edition 22 focuses on The Whirlpool of my Emotions, If I Were a Tree, and Robot and Sasquatch. The Whirlpool of my Emotions The Whirlpool of my Emotions is written by Chloe Galmes. Overall, this was a very cute story and a great way to explain emotions to children. However, I had aContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 22”

Book Reviews: Edition 20

Book Reviews: Edition 20 focuses on It Must Be Spring, The Grandmother and the fox, and The True Treasure. It Must Be Spring It Must Be Spring was written by Michelle Wang and illustrated by Uliana Barabash. First, the formatting made this a little hard to read. I felt as if I was seeing fourContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 20”

Book Reviews: Edition 19

Book Reviews: Edition 19 focuses on Autumn, Jackie the Penguin Goes on Safari: A Story of One Little Penguin who Wanted to Meet the Wild Animals of Africa, and Herman, The Fourth Little Pig. Autumn Autumn is written by Leah Leslie. While I did find this to be one of her better books, one thingContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 19”

Book Reviews: Edition 14

Book Reviews: Edition 14 will focus on Stella : The Shark Who Loves Treasure, Playing Through the Seasons: Warm Sun, Wet Toes, and Mason and the Kodiak. Stella : The Shark Who Loves Treasure Stella : The Shark Who Loves Treasure is written by Sarah Cullen and Carmen Ellis and illustrated by Zuzana Svobodova. WhileContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 14”

Book Reviews: Edition 12

For Book Reviews: Edition 12, I will be reviewing What Can Donna Draw?, Timothy and His Missing Tooth, and Eco-Friendly Tips Will Save Taffy Turtle and Her Friends: Climate Solutions Simplified (Protecting the Environment and Saving the Turtles Book 4). What Can Donna Draw? What Can Donna Draw? was written by Lourdine Joseph and illustratedContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 12”

Book Reviews: Edition 11

For Book Reviews: Edition 11, I am reviewing: Mora’s Compelling Adventures, Scoochie & Skiddles: Scoochie’s Adoption Story, and Angus, A Guitar Hero with a Bright Soul. Mora’s Compelling Adventures Mora’s Compelling Adventures was written and illustrated by Ernie J.M. Page. The story focuses on Mora, a critically endangered orangutan. Although I agree with and likeContinue reading “Book Reviews: Edition 11”

Book Reviews Edition 9

Welcome to Book Reviews Edition 9. This week I will be reviewing The Most Purrfect Home of All, Capturing Time, and Tuxedo Baby. The Most Purrfect Home of All The Most Purrfect Home of All was written by Susan Rea and illustrated by Maria Andrieiva. It’s about a stray cat who lives in an oldContinue reading “Book Reviews Edition 9”

Book Reviews Edition 4

Welcome to Book Reviews Edition 4. I will be reviewing Ebony and her Crown, Mindfulness Makes Me Stronger: Kid’s Book to Find Calm, Keep Focus and Overcome Anxiety (Children’s Book for Boys and Girls) (World of Kids Emotions), and The Blue Bird. Ebony and her Crown. Ebony and her Crown is written by Nicole MarshallContinue reading “Book Reviews Edition 4”

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