How It Really Feels to Be Asexual

I announced at some point last year that I was asexual. But, as I was still coming to understand it for myself, I wasn’t really ready to say much else about it. It’s now been some time since I came out as being asexual (which was essentially immediately after I realized I was). Now, thatContinue reading “How It Really Feels to Be Asexual”

My High School & College Experiences

I wrote last week about growing up as an adult child of an alcoholic. I’ve written on this before, but I went into more detail about my father’s drinking and about the night that he left this time. Now, it’s time to talk about after that. Here are my high school & college experiences. IContinue reading “My High School & College Experiences”

Growing Up as a Child of an Alcoholic

I’ve been doing a lot of introspection as of late. Between finally understanding my sexuality to realizing just how deeply damaging my childhood was. For a long time, I believed that things were not that bad. And, I guess the translation from that is that I had less of a reason to be upset, perhapsContinue reading “Growing Up as a Child of an Alcoholic”

My Traumatic Childhood

I know that I seem to jump around on topics in regards to this particular blog, but really, that’s the point. This blog is meant to be a diary of sorts–a reaction to the events of the past week. And, this week, I’ve been watching a lot of videos about narcissists. And, that stuck withContinue reading “My Traumatic Childhood”

Covert Sexism & the Messages in Media

I’ve posted about Sexism in Chapters previously on my feminist blog, as well as talked about Twilight and other things referring to covert sexism. Here’s the problem: most people do not believe covert sexism exists. And anyone who tries to raise awareness is called sexist or mentally ill at best. The truth is It’s NotContinue reading “Covert Sexism & the Messages in Media”