Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-17

*At the football field, practice is just finishing up, so you and Kelsey approach the coach Kelsey: We need to talk to Luke Bragg. *shows her badge Coach: Bragg! You’ve got someone here to see you. (to Kelsey) He’s not in trouble, is he? Kelsey: We’re trying to find his roommate. We just want toContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 2-17”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-18

You: We really can’t say. Luke: Well, then I really don’t have anything to tell you. Kelsey: We think he might be in trouble. Luke: What kind of trouble? Kelsey: We can’t tell you that–it could put him in more danger. Where would he go if he was in trouble. Luke: I don’t know. HomeContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-18”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-9

You: Lizzie, do you know where else she might have gone? Lizzie: No, I’m sorry. Wait a second. Marquita has a boyfriend, Braden. Braden Miller. I think he lives over in Manzanita Village–Los Robles I think. Kelsey: Thank you, Lizzie, you’ve been a big help. Now, we can either go to Los Robles to findContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-9”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-7

*Knock on the door to the right. It opens to reveal Lizzie Bayne from the previous day. Lizzie: Agent Reed! Have you found Quinn and Marquita? Kelsey: No, I’m sorry. We were actually hoping that you could tell us where Marquita might go? Lizzie: I don’t know. I mean, she has family in San Francisco.Continue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-7”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-8

You: I think you should send someone else to San Francisco. Kelsey: I was thinking the same thing. While I think it’s possible Marquita will go to her family, I also think that Chelsea would have told her not to go there. I’m just not sure where she would have gone instead. Ask Lizzie. MaybeContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-8”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-4

You: We should go to her dorm. Kelsey: I agree. Perhaps some of the students there can tell us a bit about her. ***At the dormitory*** Kelsey: This is Marquita and Chelsea’s room. Maybe their closest neighbors would know them best? Knock on the door to the left. Knock on the door to the right.

Terrorists in Santa Barbara Chapter 3

Kelsey: Looks like you were right about Agent West. Now, we have two different objectives, finding Marquita and the virus, and finding Chelsea, the Raines, & the Suravindas. It’s tricky, because really, the virus is the priority, but neither one of us knows where Marquita would go. On the other hand, we know Chelsea andContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara Chapter 3”

Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-2

You: Marquita and the virus. As much as I want to help Chelsea, we need to go after the virus first. Kelsey: You have a point. All right. Let’s ask around, see if we can find out where Marquita would go. Agree with Kelsey–her friends would know best. Disagree with Kelsey–where would Chelsea have toldContinue reading “Terrorists in Santa Barbara 3-2”

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