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So what do you do when it’s your birthday and your favorite musician is in the United States but in some state that is far off and requires a lot of planning, attention to detail and traveling???? Right! I didn’t know either but thankfully I lucked out with April Cox travel agent services who did all the heavy lifting for me and was able to find me the cheapest rates and provide me quite a selection of avenues to choose from on how to get to my destination! Did I mention that all were relatively inexpensive despite the last minute call to April! April cox travel management was able to yield her services in a timely fashion for me to make it to my birthday rendezvous and I couldn’t be more grateful! I ultimately decided against going because who travels across the United States for some guy! And I contemplated that the trip alone was kind of dangerous. But that was ok! April was flexible and offered me her services as complimentary which I greatly appreciate and so would you, but I will mention that I paid the mere $25.00 fee because one cannot deny the amount of help she bestowed upon me and the time and effort and care she took to help me plan a dream trip that I could fantasize about if not ultimately attend. Thank you April Cox Travel Management!

~ Olivia B. , San Francisco


April is hard working and highly organized with great communication skills. She takes great care in planning and tailoring an itinerary for you based on your interests and budget. I recommend April for planning your next trip.

~Megahn H., Pittsburgh, PA

Hard Working & Quick Responding

April is a very hard-working person. She is also very kind and responds quickly to messages!

~ Jessica G., Inglewood

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