Parrots Are Sociable Birds

As a bird owner myself, I can tell you that birds are very sociable creatures, but some birds are more sociable than others. For instance, Green cheek conures are very sociable birds, and they need to either spend a lot of time with their owners or have flockmates to keep them entertained.

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Budgerigars or parakeets can also be social once they get to know you, but often times prefer the company of other budgies or cockatiels.

Because of this, if you are planning to get a smaller bird as a pet, it is recommended that you get a pair of birds instead of just one, so they have each other for company.

For larger birds, one bird is usually plenty as they can be a bit of a handful. For me, while I regularly consider getting a flockmate for Fawkes, my current lifestyle would not suit a two bird household. Fawkes is rather aggressive (common for conures), and he is a handful by himself. He is also demanding of my time and attention, so I do not want to take on another bird until I am sure I have the ability to care for it the way I do with Fawkes.

What about all of you? What kind of bird or birds do you have or want to have? Comment below.

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