Why “Woke” is Suddenly Bad

Republicans have started to trash the word “woke”, saying that people who are woke are bad. So why is “woke” suddenly bad? Because Republicans want you to sleep through all the crap they are doing. Where Woke Originated “Woke is now defined in this dictionary as “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issuesContinue reading “Why “Woke” is Suddenly Bad”

The Anti-Feminism Movement-and Why It’s All About Insecurity

The topics of civil rights in general make me rather angry, and it’s not just in regards to the feminist movement. Let me make it clear–I am not angry about the movements themselves. I am angry because as of 2023, they are still so desperately needed. Hatred is at a Deafening Roar Hatred still exists,Continue reading “The Anti-Feminism Movement-and Why It’s All About Insecurity”

How It Really Feels to Be Asexual

I announced at some point last year that I was asexual. But, as I was still coming to understand it for myself, I wasn’t really ready to say much else about it. It’s now been some time since I came out as being asexual (which was essentially immediately after I realized I was). Now, thatContinue reading “How It Really Feels to Be Asexual”

Conservatives v KKK

I feel like the video stands for itself, but Conservatives v KKK. Do you have any more examples of conservative corruption? Link below. The Ku Klux Klan, Conservative Politics and Religion: Taking Extremism to the Political Mainstream. Similar Posts You Might Enjoy Our Country Still Hates Women

New Abortion Laws Are Not About Protecting the Unborn

Even if you contend that a fetus is a person (and I personally don’t know the answer to that), so is the woman carrying that fetus. Overturning Roe v Wade is trading the life of the woman for the life of the fetus. The new abortion laws are not about protecting the unborn, because theContinue reading “New Abortion Laws Are Not About Protecting the Unborn”

This is Who the Republican Party Is

Abortion Legislation, and the Real Reason Behind It I was raised in the Catholic church, and at one point in time, I was anti-abortion. Now, I no longer say pro-life in relation to abortions, because I believe them to be two separate issues. I honestly believe that many people, good people, consider themselves to beContinue reading “This is Who the Republican Party Is”

Matriarchal Version of Adam and Eve

I’ve always had issues with the creation story as I learned it. This is because it stated that a woman was made for her man. This is not something I believe to be true. But, rather an interpretation made by men for men to subjugate women. The matriarchal version of the Adam and Eve isContinue reading “Matriarchal Version of Adam and Eve”

Furries in Schools

When I first heard this story, I could no believe it. Furries in schools? Republican Lies Let me reassure you that this is 100% made up. I used to work in the school districts, and within the last five years. Schools are not providing litter boxes for students to go to the bathroom in. ThereContinue reading “Furries in Schools”

Republicans are Fascists

Joe Biden announced to our nation that MAGA Republicans are semi-fascist. I don’t agree. They aren’t semi-fascist. Republicans are fascists. See the video above where they tell you who they are in their own words to ‘F*ck Democracy*. Republicans were caught on video teaching poll workers how to secretly cheat in elections. MAGA Republicans areContinue reading “Republicans are Fascists”

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